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Thank you to everyone who filled in our 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey. Below you'll find the key highlights from the survey, and the actions we have taken to further improve the service we deliver to you.

Survey Response

  • 828 people were asked to fill in the online customer satisfaction survey

  • 339 (41%) completed the survey

  • The online survey was followed by 25 in-depth telephone interviews to gather more detailed feedback and insights


  • 73% of respondents said they were satisfied overall with WPL

  • 76% of respondents were satisfied with their key point of contact at WPL

  • 71% of respondents were satisfied with communications from WPL


Areas for Improvement

  • 19% of respondents were dissatisfied with how easy it is to get in touch with their main point of contact

  • 17% of respondents were dissatisfied with WPL's responsiveness

  • Better information from ordering systems and better awareness of the ordering process was a common theme for improvement

Overall how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with WPL?

Survey 1.png
Survey 2.png

25 Telephone Interviews

Actions We Have Taken

  • We have improved the information on the procurement and supply chain pages on the Trust intranet, including your main point of contact, FAQs and points of escalation. In addition, we will publish important news in your Trust-wide communications to keep you abreast of developments within procurement and supply.
  • We have enabled enhanced visibility of NHS Supply Chain online ordering for key areas of the Trust, which will provide you with improved information on your orders, and will offer suggestions for alternative products where appropriate.

  • We are rolling out pagers across our Supply Chain teams to make it easier to get in touch with your key point of contact and improve our responsiveness to your queries.

  • We are implementing a ticketing system to improve our responsiveness to non-urgent / routine queries on requisitions and orders. Once in place, we will introduce a call-handling capability within our Buying teams to make it easier for you to get in touch with your main point of contact.

Launch of 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey

On 7th June we will be launching our 2023 customer satisfaction survey, and once again we would love to hear your feedback on the quality of service you receive. If you haven’t received your survey email by Friday 9th June, or have any questions regarding the 2023 survey, please get in touch with us by filling in the contact form.

If you would like to read the full 2022 customer satisfaction report, please find this below. 

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